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I was born in Castelnuovo di Farfa, a few kilometers from Rome, in a small village nestled in the hills. Nature and Photography have captured my attention since I was a child. I have always had the desire to discover distant and wild lands. I wanted in some way to tell those moments that few are lucky enough to experience, especially away from the frenetic life we are used to, let's say away from everything. And this is perhaps why I became a nature photographer, especially obsessed with wolves.

Through my shots and the events I propose, I try to convey the importance of respecting nature, and animals such as the wolf, victims of prejudice and misinformation, but fundamental for the natural balance.

I am very attentive to ethics, which is why my works only portray free subjects and in no way attracted by food or bait. I strongly believe that the beauties of nature should be captured as they are, with patience and determination, without altering or forcing its balance in any way. Nature is a huge inspiration to me, and I often use my art to celebrate its beauty and majesty.

The support of my family in this type of work is fundamental, and in addition to this I can also count on that of important brands in the sector.

For some time now, I have become a Nature Explorer Swarovsky Optik with great satisfaction and pride.



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